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Alpaca White Pearl Bead Adjustable Bangle 1
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Adjustable from 2 1/2" x 2" Handcrafted Silver Plated by artisans in Mexico. Pearls are hard, rounded objects produced by certain mollusks. As a response to an irritant inside it shell, the mollusks deposits layers of nacre around the irritant. The commonly held belief that a grain of sand acts as the irritant is rarely the case. Usually the irritant is small particles of organic material, parasites, or even damage that displaces mantle tissue to another part of the animals body. Freshwater pearls are formed in lakes, rivers, ponds and other bodies of fresh water. Cultured Pearls are grown is oysters that live in the ocean and protected lagoons. Cultured or freshwater pearls are considered to offer the power of love, money, protection, and luck. Pearls are thought to give wisdom through experience, to quicken the laws of karma and to cement engagements and love relationships.


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